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The Premier European Executive Recruiter for Enterprise Software Scale-Ups

Challenges Hiring and Keeping the Senior European A-Players in your Enterprise Software Venture?

  • Frustrated by lengthy processes to recruit proven A-Players?
  • Too many candidates who’d be misfits in your fast growth culture?
  • Struggling to retain key execs in your enterprise software scale-up?

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Looking For Your Next Challenge Helping to Scale an Innovative Enterprise Software Venture?

  • Aspire to join a scale-up with stellar growth & exit potential?
  • Looking for more responsibility and challenge?
  • Determined to supercharge your future?

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We Are AlpinaSearch

AlpinaSearch is Europe’s premier talent search firm dedicated to helping Enterprise Software StartUps & Scale-Ups recruit and retain high impact executives at CxO & VP level

The Talent Acquisition System
for Software Leaders in Europe

The AlpinaSearch Deep Dive

AlpinaSearch’s Deep Dive allows us to know our clients comprehensively so that we can develop a proven Opportunity Specification that captures, then markets the position to attract A-Players to our clients.

Talent Research and Evaluation

AlpinaSearch conducts strategic research to identify sources and contacts that produces qualified candidates and then we validate their experience, cultural fit and their achievements in scaling up software and cloud ventures.

Final Candidate Qualification

AlpinaSearch completes a comprehensive profile of the final candidates, their accomplishments, strengths and cultural fit, including 360 degree references and deep background checks.

AlpinaSearch Retention Strategy

Alpinasearch’s customer service philosophy means once the position is filled, our responsibility continues with regular check-ins to ensure candidate on-boarding and performance progress.

Our clients come back to us time and time again...

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